LogoLesMatinalesAs a part of its scientific mission, three times per year the Fund invites an expert (either French of foreign) to present new findings from his or her research on a theme related to mutations in the humanitarian sector. The Matinales provide a space for informal dialogue to stimulate debate in a selective group and build ties between actors around specific topics.

In the form of an informal presentation and discussion over breakfast, the Matinale takes place from 8:30-10am at the Fund’s headquarters. The aim is to stimulate debate and to maintain ties between actors on a theme related to mutation in the humanitarian field. Between eight and fifteen guests are chosen among people who specialize or are interested in the Matinale’s topic, representing the diversity of current humanitarian actors.

Matinales 1st cycle - "The NGO certification process"

Is the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response’s (SCHR) project to formulate an international humanitarian certification for the NGO sector in 2014 necessary, realistic, and attainable? Does the certification respond to the priorities of aid actors and to the needs of populations confronted with crises? What implications or constraints will it introduce for NGOs? What strategies should be used to improve the quality of humanitarian aid and the responsibility of actors?

These questions will be discussed during this Matinale, facilitated by Luciano Loiacono, Head of Quality and Accountability for Handicap International.

3 sessions:

Place : Fonds Croix-Rouge française

Time: 8.30 – 10.00 AM

By invitation only